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Become a member today:

PROFESSIONAL$75.00 - any person who holds a graduate degree of at least the master’s level in counseling, counselor education, or a related field is eligible to be a professional member.

STUDENT $45.00 - any student who is enrolled on at least a half-time basis at a college or university in a graduate degree program in the area of counseling or counselor education or a related professional counseling degree program is eligible for student membership in MnCA at a reduced cost. Student members are entitled to vote in MnCA elections and to have the same obligations and be entitled to the same privileges as professional members.

RETIREE $35.00 Retired members in MnCA are entitled to membership dues at a reduced rate set by the Board of Directors if they are (a) at least 60 years of age, and (b) no longer working in the field of counseling and © have been a MnCA member continuously for the past 5 years. Retired members are entitled to the same privileges as professional members.

Levels of Membership and Rates for One Year Membership

As an MnCA member, you support the counseling profession as a whole, as well as consumers, patients, and clients in Minnesota by providing a consistent voice for legislation and public advocacy. Your active membership makes a difference!

When you become a member, you will receive:

*Educational Opportunities: Advance notice and reduced prices on registration for MnCA sponsored events, meetings, workshops, seminars and our biggest event – the annual Fall Conference!

*Legislative Advocacy/Information: 
With active and ongoing legislative advocacy, MnCA helps ensure that LPC/LPCC licensure remains alive and thrives in the service of mental health. As a MnCA member, you will be the first to know, about legislation that affects our profession, our work, and/or our consumers, as a MnCA member. We provide thorough updates via our website and newsletter

Opportunities to meet and network with other counseling and mental health professionals, students, faculty, supervisors, and legislators and direct contact opportunities with public and private agencies interested in counseling and mental health. For the student, networking opportunities include practicum, employment, and licensure and supervision.

*Volunteer Opportunities: Jump in! members can help with just a one time event, or join a subcommittee or chair, or can serve the profession as a board member or officer. For more information about volunteer opportunities for the MnCA, email

*Professional Identification: 
Let others know that you value the future of the counseling profession in MN by displaying your affiliation on your resume or business card.

*Information and Communication: Access to association business and information though the website, social media (Linkdin, Facebook, Instagram), newsletters and email “blasts” that announce association events and activities, board news, job postings, legislative updates and other timely information about the profession. You will be in the loop for ACA, BBHT, and other news regarding our profession locally and nationally.

Just look at the difference in images below - the left is our menu access for non members, and the right for MnCA members only