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Board Members

2016-2017 Board Members

President: Dr. Helena Rindone,
President elect: Rebecca Lund, MA, LPCC, RPT
Board Secretary: Erin Marrone
Treasurer: Justina Peters
Membership Coordinator: Laura Hannemann
Ethics Chair: Amanda Richards
Conference Chair: Amanda Cornelius
St. Cloud Rep: Jackie Golob
Professional Association Liasion:  Ron Zuchora
Lobbyists: Barb Abeler and Dave Kunz
Past President: Pete Boudjouk
Nominations for open positions will be held in the Spring of each year, with elections completed by July 1. if you are interested in an executive position with the board, please contact the president.

2015-2016 Board Members

President: Pete Boudjouk, MA
Board Secretary: Erin Marrone, MA
Communications Chair: Sherri Dunham, MA, LPC
Ethics Chair: Amanda Richards, LPCC, LADC
Legislative Chair: Justina Peters, MA (anticipated 2016)
Treasurer: Sheilah Howard, MA
Membership Coordinator: Laura Hannemann
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