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Ready to make a difference?

Professionals, students, retirees and other individual members are welcome as volunteers for the MnCA. There are many ways you can join in…from helping with a one-time event such as the Fall Conference, or by serving on a committee—perhaps you have the skills to lead a committee as the chair!

Only active members may serve on the board, and if you feel you have some skills that could serve the profession in this capacity, you are encouraged to contact the president/current board member to state your wish to be considered for a board position. Each year, the MnCA elects new board members, including a new president-elect (who will serve in the following year), a secretary and a treasurer.

What is the Board member commitment? The board meets quarterly, and hears committee reports, and acts on the business of the association. Often the meetings are for two hours.

Perhaps board business isn’t your forte? Consider some hands-on work within a committee. Committee chairs are responsible to attend the board meetings or provide a report, and will coordinate the work as directed by the board. The chair will also be responsible for organizing committee meetings, with assistance by other members as needed. All committee responsibilities are subject to the parameters directed by the MnCA board, and are subject to change. However, these committees play a key role in informing the decisions of the board.

Consider becoming a member of one of the following committees:

Publications / Communications: this key committee coordinates and disseminates vital information of interest to the membership.  Directed by the President, this involves timely distribution of the email blast, newsletters, event announcements, etc.  This committee monitors the public face of the Association and acts quickly to respond to problems that arise.

Government Relations / Legislative: Another key committee for members with an interest in  political process. The Legislative Committee performs research and coordinates information for the upcoming or current legislative session. Members of this committee work with our lobbyist, the BBHT and other stakeholders to identify and address legislative needs, and will inform the full membership of any action/activity that needs attention. There is also a monthly policy conference call with ACA that needs to be monitored by this committee.

Nominations and Elections: This committee is in full swing each spring as we hold elections for board seats and the executive committee of president-elect, treasurer and secretary. This committee compiles the  nominations and tabulates results. Membership: Membership committee assists with member/institutional member recruitment and retention activities, and provides a presence at the Fall Conference. This committer is responsible for assisting members with any issues or concerns that arise and be able to direct them to the appropriate resource.

Event and Conference:  This committee works year round and is chiefly responsible for the planning and coordination of MnCA sponsored events and training.

A Fall Conference subcommittee works to plan and execute MnCA’s biggest event of the year, which provides a good source of revenue for the Association. The conference committee will coordinate input and receive direction from the board as to the nature and theme of the upcoming conference. There are many important tasks for this committee, but can be broken down into smaller tasks. This committee is usually chaired by an experienced event planner.

Ethics / Administrative:  This committee provides background information and input into any structural/administrative or ethical changes in the profession and the Association, and works with the publications/communications committee to disseminate the information as needed.

To volunteer for any role with the MnCA, please submit a brief letter to the president. State your contact information and area of interest. The president will forward your application to the correct committee/chair and you will be contacted. If you do not receive a response, please feel free to email the president again! president@mnca.org

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