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Counseling and Therapy services are dedicated to helping individuals, couples, families or groups of people who are:

  • Experiencing a current personal or relational crisis
  • Affected by one or more traumatic life experiences that influences optimal functioning
  • Experiencing a physical or mental illness and need help coping with it
  • Wishing to make repair and restoration in their relationships
  • Seeking better ways of operating or making choices/desiring personal growth
  • Needing to develop a greater resiliency to internal or external forces

Using effective methods and techniques, your therapist will guide you in looking at your personal history as well as current choices that will help you to identify better ways of coping or operating. Well-being is often based on your ability to maintain a sense of determination and counselors are here to help you achieve the goal of well-being…in a culturally and spiritually respectful manner.

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