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Annual Conference

Minnesota Counseling Association

“Best in Counseling Practice”

2017 Annual Conference

University of St. Thomas- Minneapolis Campus

November 4th, 2017 8am-430pm

The annual conference will feature a day long keynote speaker: Dr. Rodney Goodyear, of the Bernard and Goodyear Supervision work.

Dr. Goodyear will be presenting sessions on the following topics:

•Understanding the comprehensive role of the supervisor
•The various counseling supervision theories
•The impact of multiculturalism on supervision work
•Intentional supervision practices that impact supervisee growth

Breakout Session (Afternoon)

Students and recent graduates will also be given the opportunity to hear from a new clinician on her experiences with supervision and entering the counseling field in an afternoon breakout session. The breakout session will be followed by a Q & A session with a panel of clinicians at different stages in their careers, offering insights on becoming a new clinician.

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